The GCCF Breed Advisory Committee


Welcome to the website of the Breed Advisory Committee for the Ocicat and Aztec breeds, working in the best interests of our Breeds, by providing information, support and guidance to owners, breeders and judges.


What is a Breed Advisory Committee (BAC)?

A Breed Advisory Committee (BAC) consists of representatives from the relevant Breed Clubs which are full member Clubs of the GCCF.  There is a BAC for each breed with a responsibility to work in the interests of its Breed(s) by establishing, monitoring and maintaining its Breeding Policy, Registration Policy and the Standards of Points.

The BAC is responsible for monitoring the progress of qualified GCCF stewards wishing to become Pupil Judges on the BAC’s list, recommending to Council the appointment of and supporting and monitoring Pupil Judges through the judge appointment scheme, and recommending suitably qualified judges to Council for appointment as Full Judges.

The BAC also monitors the Full Judges of its breeds, provides a forum for discussion between its Constituent Clubs, as well as organising breed seminars to showcase and offer training and guidance on their breeds.
This BAC considers all aspects of the Ocicat and Aztec Breeds, operates in accordance with its Constitution which is approved by the GCCF’s Board of Directors and is the sole group recognised as the advisory/recommending body for these breeds to the GCCF Council.


Who is on the Ocicat and Aztec BAC?

The Ocicat and Aztec BAC is made up of:
The independent Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer and representatives from the constituent Clubs.

The Chairman:  Sandra Woodley  Email
The Vice-Chairman:  Rosemary Caunter
The Secretary: Hilary Dean  Email
The Treasurer: Steve Whiting

The constituent Clubs are:

The Ocicat Club

The Aztec Cat Club